Are you living your day-dream?

Invest in a Part-Time Marketing Expert

👉 Keep creative control.

👉 Save money

👉 Stop DIY-ing everything.

...and say hello to the financial and time freedom of your daydreams.

hey, I'm Brooklyn

I'm a go-getter & am driven by results.

As a marketing specialist, focus on strategy and simplicity.

I help women-owned businesses succeed online.

I use proven methods to help

online coaches, content & course creators

monetize + scale revenue.

... so that you can stay in your zone of genius & do more of what you love.

Coach vs Consultant: why both?

We provide our coaching and consulting services in one.

This means we have the structure and professionalism of an expert, while being flexible to your needs and goals.

Why hire one when you can hire both?


As a consultant, we'll provide expert services for your business. We will show you the concrete steps to take to get results.

  • Gain the experience of an expert for the price of a part-time worker

  • Outsource technical aspects the biz

  • Apply results-focused marketing practices

  • Do large amounts of results-focused work in a short period of time

  • Learn via written, video and audio instructions

  • Fire us whenever - our services aren't designed be long term


As a coach, we provide expert advice & support for you and your business. We are flexible to the nuances of your business and will provide instruction based on your goals.

  • Retaining control over the all biz ops, creative aspects & direction

  • Apply results-focused marketing practices

  • Get fresh eyes & expert advice on your website, marketing strategies and more

  • 1:1 zoom calls to instruct, answer questions, etc.

  • Need more help? Keep us on as a coach for as long as you need.

* virtual high-five *

to the woman behind the day-dream,

I had to make a BIG decision to make for my business.

There was an aspect of my business causing me a lot of self doubt, stress.

I had one of two options:

  1. Cut it out ( and a massive financial cut )

  2. Stick it out ( and stay stressed )

Long story short, I chose to cut it out.

And it put me back MONTHS financially...

But it also did this:

💥 Gave me back confidence

💥 Boosted my energy & work ethic

💥 Totally turned around my mood

Was it worth it? YES!

the lesson:


hey, this you?

Put a finger down if you...

✅ Stay up to work once or more a week

✅ Make money but not consistently

✅ Download free guides & try the DIY route

✅ Have few hobbies & little free time

✅ Feel guilty when taking breaks

✅ Have frequent meltdowns... because "why isn't it working"

✅ Feels good some months, like an imposter on others

✅ Daydreams about 'somedays' and 'if only's'

If you can't give me a high 5 on at least 1 hand, that's a problem.

But you're NOT alone... I can promise you that.

But there are people out there trained and willing to help. My advice is LET THEM!


Remember that song daydream?

" Darlin', don't quit your daydream. It's your life that you're making...

Why save it for sleep when you could be living your daydream? "

I guarantee your daydream doesn't involve meltdowns, crying, working all night.

the lesson:


So you can get back to the parts you love & let go of the rest.

make your wildest daydreams a reality!

I often bounce ideas off of my husband or my mom... Sound familiar?

And even when they're incredibly supportive, it's not always helpful.

But when I get on the phone with a coach, a consultant or another expert...

that's when the creativity and confidence and energy starts to flowing and every aspect of my life is benefited.

Imagine doing that every week!

Soo... If you're not a making 6-figures, invest in someone who knows marketing/sales like ME!

If you ARE making 6-figures, you need a full-time DOER -- or a few!

If you invest in a doer before you're ready, and business slows, you may have to let them go.

the lesson:

That's the fastest way to make your daydreams a reality is to invest in a coach!

If I'm your girl, I can NOT wait to meet you.

We're gonna have so much FUN!


Marketing CPR Saves You Time & $$$

We offer many different services...

What we REALLY bring to the table is our unique method of delivering CPR:



assess & clarify business strategy


simplify & automate systems


prioritize efforts that yield results

So that we utilize our time together and focus on results.

What We Offer

After a careful audit & assessment, we'll create a personalized marketing plan for YOUR business,

Here's what we look at:

Audience Research

Ever tell a joke that didn't land?

It's awkward, right?

So are post/emails/websites that don't convert...AWKWARD!

No Worries!

Learn to tailor your messages directly to your audiences to increase conversions, build community & loyalty.

Social Media & Email Nurturing

One of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make is to focus on social media and forget your email list.

We'll help you get your lists set up in a jiffy and start you on email sequences (so you AND your audience don't get burned out).

It will make ALL the difference in your stress, communication, and conversions.

We'll also get you under way with the basics of social media posting, content creation and organic lead generation.

Website & Funnel Development

We look at:








Let's design the customer journey that feels so natural, they won't even realize they're being sold!

Community Building

Communities who

laugh together,

cry together,

and play together

stay together.

How are you connecting to your audience?

We'll show you how to support deeper and more meaningful relationships with your audiences.

Facebook(TM)/Insta Ads

This is the quickest way to scale your busieness.

Often when I talk to business owners,

they want to run ads but are scared to spend $$.

We can provide you with the foundations of a safe, healthy ad campaign, and give you a better idea if you're ready to scale.

Live Your Daydream!

How To Get Started:

1. Book a FREE Consultation Call

Book a call with me so we can discuss your needs, goals & contract.

2. Meet to Discuss Goals

After our meeting, I will provide you with an email and contract outlining a plan for moving forward, including: # of sessions, deliverables, and terms of the contract.

3. Choose a Payment Plan

After signing our contract, you'll get an invoice. You will be able to payment in full or get on a monthly payment plan.

4. That's It!

We'll schedule your first call and then the real work begins

you're probably asking yourself...

"can I afford this?"

My coaching services are designed as a win-win for you and me!

Since I'm not a full-time employee, or on don't have to pay for my benefits, healthcare, retirement, OR a % of your sales.

This makes my month-to-month services more affordable than hiring in-house.

Brooklyn is older than she looks and is often described as an old soul, and wise beyond her years. More importantly, she has a bachelor's degree psychology (the study of human behavior) and has 10+ years in marketing experience, including years as copywriter, social media manager, marketing specialist, and more recently ad campaign manager and consultant.

"Brooklyn looks 12...

is she even qualified?"

"is it worth it?"

That's for you to decide. Happy clients have said:

I have absolutely loved working with Brooklyn Kay! She has been extremely thorough and detail oriented from day one. I love that she checks in with me weekly with stats, improvements, tips and offers new suggestions to improve my ads, sales pages or funnel. Plus my ROAS is up 400%! Nothing like making money on auto-pilot!

- Kylee M.

Our meetings are 1-1.5 hours per session, and I typically do 3-5 sessions a month.

I typically recommend 2-3 months of coaching to get through all aspects of the marketing plan, but it depends on your goals.

We can decide the best course for you after our initial call.

"how long does coaching last?"

"how many clients do you take on each month"

I only onboard 2-3 clients each month, which means my time and availability is extremely limited. During our consultation call, I will let you know if there is a wait-time or if I'm available to start immediately.

DISCLAIMER: Please understand my results, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. Please note that all health-related webpages, books and planners provide information, not advice. Please consult professionals.

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